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attic fan and blown in insulation???

hey quick 2 questions.
1) I have a attic fan which we use quite a bit in the summer, but we need more insulation in our attic.A contractor told me that the fan wouldnt blow around the blown in insulation but i find that hard to believe.Any one have a fan with blown in or anyone know the truth???
2) i have only 4inches of insulation currently in my attic and was wondering what the standard is now a days and is there such a thing as to much if i add way over the standard?

freezing in michigan,
thanks for the responses:confused:

Re: attic fan and blown in insulation???

Does the attic fan blow out or in? How high above the existing insulation is its lowest part? If it blows out, you probably have nothing to worry about. If it blows in and it's less than about 12" (I guess) above, you may need to install a board to deflect the airflow away from the insulation.

Adding more insulation won't hurt. But you will eventually reach a point of diminishing returns where the cost of added insulation will exceed the energy savings. Your local utility company or building department can tell you what the minimum required and recommended insulation levels are.

Re: attic fan and blown in insulation???

thanks for the answer for starters.
it blows from house up into attic and there is about 12 inches from insulation to top of fan. was concerned about adding blown in if it would stir it up or does blown in "settle" once it is installed.

Re: attic fan and blown in insulation???

I was imagining a fan mounted in the gable like in my house. Thanks for clarifying that.

I would build a plywood box around the fan (open at top, of course) that is higher than the insulation. Then you can insulate all the way up to the fan, and not have to worry about insulation blowing around.

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