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Attic entrance ladder

We have a single-family house. When we had an attic fan, the fan’s ceiling shutter slats location was also the entrance to the attic. We no longer have the fan, but the slats remained.

We want to replace the slats with an attic access door, as it is very difficult to get into the attic (we have to lift the heavy slat unit up and slide it over, and then reverse the process to close it). It is not a large opening - the area is 30-inches by 30-inches (picture attached). We would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!



Re: Attic entrance ladder

Wow! That's very interesting that your house had louvers to vent into the attic? I don't think I've ever seen that. How old is the house, based on the layers of paint on the trim, I'd guess 1930s or something? Was that normal back then? 


If you no longer need the louvers there, you can simply remove the slats, and replace it with a single piece of painted plywood, that's pretty normal. Depending on how which way the roof trusses go, you can probably install a pull-down latter, otherwise, if you can't make the opening bigger, then just replace the slats with a simple piece of plywood and use a basic A-ladder to get into the attic.


I'm uploading a picture of the attic access from my daughter's walk-in closet. Same thing. We basically have a piece of plywood that's painted.



Re: Attic entrance ladder


You have not mentioned what you actually need help with.

I have seen many houses that had attic fans, they did a great job of removing the hot air and pushing it out thru the attic. If you want attic stairs, there are so many options. Just depends on what you want. Any good carpenter can build a set of pull down stairs, or you can purchase a cheap set. The size, to a point really does not matter. The carpenter can resize the opening and frame in the box to modify the structure of the joists.


Handy Andy in Mt Airy NC

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