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Attic Access and a hot 2nd floor

We have no access to our attic, and our upstairs is miserable in the summer time. How do we go about getting access? Also if we can't get access would a solar powered fan be our best bet? Thanks

Re: Attic Access and a hot 2nd floor

If you can't create an access hatch from the interior you may be able to create an access from outside if there is a gable end wall for the attic.

Whether it's a solar or hardwired fan is the answer is debateable -- it may also serve you well to increase the insulation within the attic -- though you will need access to that area to take care of that.

Re: Attic Access and a hot 2nd floor

getting access from outside will solve your problem and you should use wired fan instead of solar . . . solar fan got so many problems and are a big expense .

Re: Attic Access and a hot 2nd floor

Attic fans really don't cool off the space as much as you think they would. You attic vents is about the best you can do (within reason).
Everything you listed should be fine to store up there. Add some cedar blocks for clothing though. The only thing I wouldn't put up there are the Lenox china. China is very porous and the frequent expanding and contracting with temperature fluctuation can result in crazing or cracking. Store it in a more temperate area.

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