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Attic Access

I have the access for my attic directly above the stairs leading down to the basement. There is no ladder to get to this so I have been using a 10 ladder. How do I know where to measure from to get the length of the ladder need for access? Should I plan for the ladder to land on a step? Any kind of help would be great.


Re: Attic Access

Generally the pre-made fold down attic stairs are sold by 2 measurements; the height of the ceiling from the floor in the room below the attic, and the width of the attic stairs themselves. Wider stairs are nicer if you can fit them in.

Many big box stores carry attic stairs

Re: Attic Access

We need more details:

- do you want to install a built-in folding ladder which can be dropped from the attic opening, or...
- do you want to use an extention ladder?
- is your house a 1 story house?

When it comes to extention ladders, interior or exterior, ladder safety must be followed, to avoid injuries, so placing the ladder on steps/stairs is not recommended. The ladder must have its base 1/4 of its height away from the wall it's leaning on to ensure safety.

I've seen too many ladder falls. All ended up in terrible results.

Re: Attic Access

Your area may also have building codes covering the size and accessibility of attic stairs.

Mine does.

Re: Attic Access

Is there any way to move the attic access to a different area of the house? Over another set of stairs seems like the worst possible place for it, and may be a violation of current codes in your area.

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