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Attaching house wrap

I was hoping to solicit opinions about what is the best way to attach house wrap such as Tyvek? I don't typically do this type of work...so I thought this sort of thing is tacked up with ordinary staples (like T50). From the Dupont site it seems that is considered only a temporary means of attaching. The instructions say to use a variety of specialty fasteners that I have never heard of or don't know where to get.

Here is what is recommended off the Dupont site http://www2.dupont.com/Tyvek_Weatherization/en_US/assets/downloads/pdfs/K16282-Residential-WRB%202-23-12.pdf

Dupont Tyvek Wrap Cap nails
Dupont Tyvek Wrap Cap screws
Dupont Tyvek Wrap Cap staples for Stinger
1.0 inch minimum crown staples

any comments are greatly appreciated.


A. Spruce
Re: Attaching house wrap

Me thinks it's more about milking the consumer for every penny they can over "product durability". Once the WRB is covered with siding, it's not going anywhere.

My suspicion is the "proper fastener" theory (beyond draining your pocketbook ) is for a fully wrapped structure that hasn't been sided yet and the WRB is exposed to weather and wind which could then be damaged if only T50 staples were used.

Re: Attaching house wrap

walt, just leave off the "Dupont Tyvek Wrap" and you can get the fasteners at any big box. Cap nails and screws just have a big washer attached. You can also use a metal disc from big boc that you drive your own nail thru. Use at least a 1" ring shank nail.
Your T50's don't have enuff surface to hold the wrap without tearing thru or length to keep from pulling out. You can
rent a stapler that will drive longer wider staple thru tin disc. Or the stinger stapler that drives cap staples.

No you cannot just tack it up and rely on siding to hold it in place. If you are wanting to get any energy saving tax write off, it must be inspected and passed B4 siding goes on. Most localities have a pre-siding inspection anyway. Do it right, what's the use of paying for tyvek if its not going to be any use?

toh won't accept my perfectly valid pic,
or link so go to Home Depot page and search for "cap nails" on same page are tin discs.

MLB Construction
Re: Attaching house wrap

not to sound rude but i 100% disagree with notmrjohn

Re: Attaching house wrap

Use T50 Arrow staples. I use a tacker - it's like a hammer. It spits out the staples so fast.

The wrap will get plenty of fasteners later on, the staples are just temporary.

Make sure you staple into the framing or the plywood and don't create large holes.

A. Spruce
Re: Attaching house wrap

I want to amend my earlier response with the fact that NOT following the manufacturer's installation instructions will void your warranty, should you ever need or try to take advantage of it. This statement does not change my original sentiments, but it may change the way you look upon the installation instructions.

Re: Attaching house wrap

I agree with Spruce's original statement. LOTS of houses well built with the tyvek stapled on, as long as the wind doesn't get to it.

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