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astroturf removal

I want to remove astroturf from my concrete porch steps. How do I remove the adhesive?

Re: astroturf removal

I have never had the experience of having AstroTurf on my steps but have had to clean up some very sticky messes. I think acetone would probably take the adhesive off of your concrete steps. If not acetone then certainly any very strong paint stripper would remove the adhesive. Try acetone first and then if that doesn't work use a really good and strong paint stripper. With either one though caution is advised as it is very dangerous to inhale the fumes for a long period of time and gloves should be worn and even eye protection wouldn't hurt either.
I would also use a very stiff wire brush and a good sharp scraper. After getting the glue off of your steps be sure to use soap and water with a steel wool cleaning pad like Brillo as you don't want to leave any chemical residue on your steps. The steel wool pad should help to clean up anything the chemicals didn't get up. After you use the soap and water rinse your steps off with a garden hose and see how they look. If your steps are clean then you are done,if not then you need to repeat the steps. One other thing if you find that with all of your efforts cleaning your steps by hand isn't working then I would buy a wire wheel for your drill and remove the really stubborn stuff of with that. Use caution though as the little wires on the wheel can break off and hit you in the face. Good luck to you!

Re: astroturf removal

Have you tried removing the turf with a scraper first? Personally, I would try a something safer than acetone for the adhesive first. Test an area with a coating of baby or vegetable oil and let it saturate for a while. See if that takes it off. Patio concrete is finished smoother than driveways, at least where I live, so it may be easier to remove.

If you must use the acetone, it will dissolve adhesive, but just be very careful. I used to work with it a lot several years ago. It is toxic so you MUST wear gloves. And NOT latex gloves because it will go right through them and not protect you. I would also wear a respirator with the appropriate filters for fumes. I don't know how big your patio area is, but acetone is nasty stuff and can cause central nervous system and/or respiratory problems, not to mention being extremely harmful to groundwater (if you decide to hose off the steps afterwards). That's why they quit putting it in nail polish remover years ago.

Whatever you decide to use, good luck!

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