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Asphalt on top of old concrete

Hi all,
I have a couple of questions:
we have an old mildly cracked concrete floor in our detached garage. It slightly sunk over the years ~ 1+1/2 inch. We are replasing our asphalt driway now - in process.
Can we put an asphalt layer on top of the exsisting old concrete in the garage?
How much hight would we give up?
Do we need to rase the garage?
Will greatly apreciate any coments
Thank you

Re: Asphalt on top of old concrete

To do asphalt paving properly you need to lay the asphalt with a paver and then compress the asphalt with a large gas roller/compactor. You can lay it by hand but the job you get will not be quality job because asphalt needs to be hot to compress/compact it properly and you are always working against the clock. You need machinery to do it properly. The ideal solution is to put down a self leveling concrete or concrete that you can feather edge. It is about three times the price of ordinary concrete in bags but is does work. If you are talking about 2 inches or more you can use ready mix concrete but make sure that you use an experienced concrete finisher to finish as once concrete sets up thats the way it will be for decades.

Re: Asphalt on top of old concrete

Asphalt can be put on top of concrete, it's done on highways all the time. While they do have rollers small enough to go into the garage it would not be able to get to the edges near the walls and the cracks in the concrete will telegraph through the asphalt in short order.

I would not use leveler with the amount of drop you describe in the concrete. There is an underlying problem and it would be best to tear up the concrete, do a proper base and install new concrete.

Re: Asphalt on top of old concrete

Thanks for your input. I guess self leveling concrete is not an option for us as we live in Canada. It will do the same as our old one - will crack due to temp changes if not cut.
You right - we indeed see workers putting asphalt on top of concrete road often, but they have big rollers...
I don't think our garage has an underlying problem - since we moved in - 7 yrs ago - it stays the same - doesn't get any worse...

I have another idea - how about if we put a lyer of paving stone -just a simple one - interlock would cost too much - 12"x 12" and 1" tall on top of the exsisting floor? The base is solid and pretty even...

Do you think it will work?
Thank you

Re: Asphalt on top of old concrete
Re: Asphalt on top of old concrete
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