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Asphalt Paving Fabric

I am the Pres of a condo in Oregon. We have to have our parking area repaved. Our biggest problem is the area in front of the garbage bin where the truck stops. Two depressions have been made where the asphalt is breaking down.

My question is would it be advisable to have an asphalt paving fabric put in this area? We can't afford to have it put everywhere but would it help with the weight of the truck making holes?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Asphalt Paving Fabric

Unfortunately the fabric won't help the situation --- that's beyond the purpose of the material.

The issue is the weight of the vehicle and the sub-base of the asphalt.

You have to consider that asphalt in itself is a soft paving material ( softer as the temperature increases ) and it's intergrity is affected by the underlying base. It's more than likely the pavement is only 3-4 inch asphalt with a minimal sub-base that is probably adequate for regular car traffic and not heavy vehicle traffic.

There may also be an issue with poor drainage in that particular area saturating the sub-base , making it unstable. However , I would have to say it's more likely the pavement isn't substantial enough for heavy vehicles.

It's not uncommon to have areas like you describe for the garbage pickup for example -- to be either a concrete pad or to have a deeper sub-base and thicker asphalt to accomodate those heavy vehicles.

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