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Asbestos in popcorn ceiling

NEED HELP! I am in the process of painting the popcorn ceiling in my apartment in a apartment building. I know that the ceiling apparently contains about 5% asbestos (tested). I used a roller for painting which works but some areas the ceiling broke loose and about quarter size pieces came of. Also, while painting paint and/or ceiling scrubs came loose and feel down. I read that asbestos containing areas should be left alone. Do I have to be concerned that I have a health problem know? Does the paint still bind asbestos fibers? Do I have to patch the broken off areas? Any expert suggestions/solutions on how to proceed? Thank you.

Re: Asbestos in popcorn ceiling


I am no expert in asbestos hazards, but I will give you my thoughts. If you have a solid coat of paint over the asbestos containing popcorn texture, I would not worry too much about it.

I would agree that asbestos containing materials should be either left undisturbed or professionally removed. Obviously, leaving it intact is far cheaper. My guess is that even after professional removal, there would be more airbourne asbestos fibers, at least initially, than if you just let it be!

If some minor areas have fallen off, I would touch them up with a spray can of popcorn texture and touch them up with ceiling paint.

The historical problem with asbestos was with people who were working with the stuff daily, such as shipyard workers , asbestos shingle manufacturers, etc. I highly doubt that the small, sporatic amount you have been exposed to would cause a problem. But, as I said, I am no expert on this matter.

Were I working in asbestos removal daily, I would certainly take measures to protect myself. However, if I had deteriorating pipe insulation in my basement, I would not think twice about putting on tyvek overalls and an asbestos rated face mask , thoroughly wetting those pipes down and then getting rid of the poluted insulation, followed by a good wash down of the general area.

Timothy Miller
Re: Asbestos in popcorn ceiling

Howdy was the texture tested or the drywall ceiling? Rolling on paint on old texture can cause this adhesion failure of the texture. The other post for spot repair a good idea. Consider spraying the ceiling to avoid texture damage.

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