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Asbestos Issue...after the fact

I came to this site to get some electrical info, but started reading some of the other posts. Now I believe the tile I removed recently probably contained asbestos and I'm a little freaked out.

I recently purchased my house which was built in 1959. I bought it from the original owner (she was in her late 80s and the house was in need of many updates). I had contractors do some of the work, but I decided my first diy project would be to tackle the butterfly wallpaper covered 1/2 bath with the tan carpet. Underneath the carpet, there were vinyl tiles, they were larger than the 8x8 ceramic ones I installed, so I'd say they were probably 9x9. I removed the first few by tapping a screw driver with a hammer under the edge, but after the first ones, I could retire the hammer and they just popped up with a dig and twist of the screwdriver. I placed them in a contractor trash bag and put them out on garbage day. Underneath them was a black adhesive that I tried to get up with adhesive remover, but the it became a tar-like substance that was going to take me forever to remove. I called Home Depot and asked about it and was told that it would be virtually impossible to remove and that I could just apply the mortar over it. I was glad to hear that, so that's what I did.

Now after reading some of the posts here, I fear that both the tiles and the adhesive may have contained asbestos which both myself and my daughter would have been exposed to (she didn't do any of the work, but came in periodically to check my progress). Then to top it all off, I'm sure if they did contain asbestos, I was NOT supposed to put them out for trash pickup.

Is the risk only present while doing the work, or should I be concerned that I've now possibly released asbestos into air in the house? What, if anything can I/should I do at this point?

Re: Asbestos Issue...after the fact

the below quote is taken from Wikipedia. what you have to remember is that the hazard is when it becomes airborne dust. you probally didn't create dust simply popping the tiles loose. and the adhesive being a sticky tar like substance probally wasn't releasing dust of it. and then taking in what wiki says on it I would say your chance of any exposure to any hazardous particles from that one incident still wouldn't pose any real risk. when they come out and look for asbestos they rank it according to the risk level on how much dust would removing it cause, and things like removing tiles or caulk that has it, in it are to the very low end which ususally don't call for professional abatment. asbestos is something to be taken seriously because the effects aren't reversable, but in this case I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Quote from Wikipedia "Asbestos exposure becomes a health concern when high concentrations of asbestos fibers are inhaled over a long time period.People who become ill from asbestos are almost always those who are exposed on a day-to-day basis in a job where they work directly with the material. As a person's exposure to fibers increases, either by breathing more fibers or by breathing fibers for a longer time, that person's risk of disease also increases. Disease is very unlikely to result from a single, high-level exposure, or from a short period of exposure to lower levels."

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