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I'm remodeling a cottage that was built in the 40's or 60's (can't remember which). I removed a space heater but the pipe is still in the wall. The owner is not sure if there is asbestos in it or not. The contractor that removed the pipe from the roof said it was cement, the neighbor said it was asbestos. The pipe runs straight up to the roof and straight down to a crawl space and then has a piece sticking out the wall where I removed the stove. How do I know if that is asbestos or not? Can I do the pipe removal safely myself?

Re: Asbestos

If I had to bet from here, I'd pick asbestos, not cement. Asbesotos is much more fibrous than the sandiness of cement. If he "knew" it was asbestos, then there would have had to have been the normal asbestos disposal methods required. They are not cheap, and can easily add $1000 to the cost of the job.

To be sure if its asbestos, you can send a sample off to a testing facility by mail. I am not sure what the asbestos handling regulations are for your fair city. Normally, if the asbestos can be removed without the risk of making any of the particles airborne you'll be OK, but that is a fairly high bar to reach in this case. If there is any doubt, hire a professional.

Re: Asbestos

you can not do it safely yourself. the only way to know if it contains abestos is to have it tested, there's no other way around it.

Re: Asbestos

if you do take a sample to send off for testing wet it down first then bag it with a ziplock. wetting it down will make any lose asbestos particles stick and not become airborn

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