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Arts & Crafts facelift

I'm trying to update our Arts and Crafts home. I want to keep a lot of it the same, but I am having a hard time finding what I need for the projects. The house itself still has most of the orignal hardward, door, floors, etc. The only thing is finding pieces to match those that for some reason over the years were taken out, any suggestions? Also, the basement is in desperate need of something? It is very old starting to crumble and leak. We thought about maybe putting in a new foundation, good idea or have any other better suggestions. Last of all the kitchen, it is a beauty with a huge problem, low countertops and a wood coutertop surface that needs to go away and be replaced with something more practical! The cabinets are original to the house, but need a facelift, and I would love to keep them they are one of a kind. Only problem now is how do I update and keep the old all at the same time? As you can see we have a lot of work to do and any advise would be awesome and apprieciated!
Kerry Patchin

Re: Arts & Crafts facelift

Here's three sites to start with for hardware

Replacing a counter top shouldn't be a gigantic problem.

You haven't given us enough info on what you want to do with the cabinets, a few pictures would be helpful.

Re: Arts & Crafts facelift

Hi Kerry,
I have had a similar problem finding stuff for my old house. I found a great store in Deland, FL that sells floors, doors, hardware, and anything you can think of for your house. They take the pieces out of houses being remodeled or demolished. Our house has some really unusual knobs and locking mechanisms. I was able to find the exact part after digging through their hardware bins. www.floridavictorian.com - (386) 734-9300
If you happen to live in FL, it might be worth a trip to Deland. There has to be a list of places like that somewhere.

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