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Can we DIY fam
Are you asking us to dream again?

Sounds fun, but I must ask: do false hopes have a future?

There are many vying for first place, so I'll list those screaming out...

*the hall bathroom-gone-closet (not to be confused with water closet). It is awaiting the floor to be higher or toilet outlet to be lowered. (> 6months now) At least we have the one in my room. Kids just aren't as careful in their doings.

*A close second is the lack of sinks repaired/useful, so we use the tub for the faucet or a bowl and pitcher. (It is the year 2008, right! It's a pretty pitcher & not collecting dust, eh?)

*Third screamer: a porch light for if someone comes at night we could see who it is. (> just a new light bulb)

Those seem to be the more urgent items, tho' doors on or repaired, walls repaired, dishwasher cover on, washer motor replaced, deck supports reattached, lights in bedrooms/hall in working order, you know just the little things in life.

We are good at camping so we're doing ok. And glad for the Christmas break and New Year- always a great time. Enjoy yours! I sure like your show each Sunday I can catch it.

can we

Re: Are you asking us to dream again?

Oh my!! Your house sounds like mine. I find that if I do the things that HAVE to be done right away like taking out trash, fixing tub spigot, plastic on widows, fixing stormdoor so it won't bang open........ it gets done right away and no 3 to 4 week or months waiting to see it get done. We have a list sooooooo long I really can't see and end yet and they are all little things. Oh yeah and getting bats out of our attic come spring and plugging holes from them.

Good luck


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