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Are basement is heated?? Right?? First time homeowner.

We bought our first house. We bought small becouse we do not want the heating bills ( or the cleaning). It has a full furnished basement. Roughly 2000 ft total for the house. 3 bedrooms up and 3 down. 2 of the bedrooms downstairs have egrss windows.

It is saposta be heated. Only it is cold down there. 2 of our children sleep down there and it not comfortable for them. It is only Oct. in ND. So we have much colder days coming.

When i pulled the plastic grate off the celling ( were i would think the heat would come from) there is a pipe stiking out. It is crudly boxed in with drop down celing panels. Though not air tight. I can clearly see though and there is nothing but wireing and pipes in the drop down celing space.

Is our basement headed. Or is all the heat just getting pushed up to the ceiling? How can we fix this? And how can we warm it up down there for our children??

Thanks you so much for any and all help!!

J. Flanagan:confused:

Re: Are basement is heated?? Right?? First time homeowner.

Where is the furnace, up stairs or in the basement. Take some pictures of the area in the ceiling your talking about. Theres heat down there somewhere....Maybe some one forgot to install the grill after the drop ceiling was installed.......

Attach some pictures

Re: Are basement is heated?? Right?? First time homeowner.

What type of Heat do you have?? If you have Forced Hot Air by Oil or Gas you will have Ductwork going from the Supply Grills in the Drop Ceiling to your Furnace. Do you have a Boiler??? If you do you should have some kind of Baseboard along the floor at the walls with piping to them. You could also have Electric Baseboard and have some wiring instead of the piping. Is there a separate Stat Downstairs to control the Downstairs Heat. If you have none of these then I don't think you have Heat in the Cellar. I can't tell you what you need to do unless I know what kind of Heat you have and where it's located. Good Luck!!! :)

Re: Are basement is heated?? Right?? First time homeowner.

I'm in North Dakota too. You probably have a furnace downstairs and just lack ducting to the basement...a lot of unfinished or semi-finished basements are that way.

I just bought a house, and my HVAC room is downstairs, and although there four ducts into the basement, it's always 10 degrees colder than upstairs.

People tell me that once it gets colder, the heat will run more continually, and the basement might have a better chance of warming up.

Personally, I'm currently insulating the rim joist around the perimeter of the basement, above ceiling tiles. Like you, there's ducting, haphazard electrical, etc. in the six inches of space between ceiling tiles and the floor above.

Good luck!

Re: Are basement is heated?? Right?? First time homeowner.

How well the finished basement is insulated would also determine how warm it will be. If there are heat ducts in the ceiling check to see if there is any hot air coming out. If there isn't it could be a simple case of the dampers are closed off.
Also like eyleron mentioned about insulating the rim joist will also help.

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