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Approximate cost for footers, slab and 1st course for 2-car garage?

We are in the midst of planning to build a two-car garage, but wish to pay for this in cash.

We are wondering what would be the approximate cost to have footers, concrete slab, and 1st course of concrete blocks set for a typical 2-car garage? This is located in Central Florida.

The rest of the building would be sub-contracted/DIY.



Re: Approximate cost for footers, slab and 1st course for 2-car garage?

Assuming that you have the following: a buildable lot, plans (approved by your building dept), a building permit and funds (cash, line or credit or construction loan), you can start calling local contractors for bids.

Call at least 3 concrete/masonry contractors for estimates on what you need for the garage floor. These contractors will want to examine your plans inorder to give you a price. Your plans will specify the type of footing you need, the plan for grading, sand and gravel underbed, the plan for your steel reinforcement (rebars), the type of concrete to use, and more. So you get the idea: it's pretty invloved and highly inspected.

We at this forum can't quote you a price, because we don't live in your town, and as you know, prices for materials and labor do vary by location around the country.

Re: Approximate cost for footers, slab and 1st course for 2-car garage?

I would agree with dj; especially about the part concerning a "buildable lot"----if you already have a Building Permit to build on the site, ignore this post; however, if you have yet to apply for a building permit, be aware that the local govt of your town often has numerous restrictions about whether you can or can not build a garage (or any other structure); the more built up a section of town is, the more likely that a host of restrictions on building practices are in place; a number of homeowners in several parts of a town in a given area may want to "preserve a certain ambience" to their neighborhood & thus induce the town council to restrict the presence of certain appurtenant structures, boats, mobile homes, campers, garages, etc.; these restrictions are often written into the property deed you received when you bought the property (read it carefully); often additional restrictions are enacted as subsequent years go by.

Some towns require that a certain percentage of the square footage your property remain open, without ANY structures on it; or that the proposed garage must be a certain number of feet from the property lines of all adjacent property owners; some towns allow the property owner who is denied a building permit to appeal the decision to the town council, but they usually uphold the decision of the Building Inspector.

I certainly hope your permit process goes smoothly (it sure didn't with me) and you are able to realize the completion of your project successfully.

Re: Approximate cost for footers, slab and 1st course for 2-car garage?

Thank you for your replies. I know the number was subjective to area, etc so I was wondering if it was more like $2,500-3000 or $6-7,000?

We live in an Historic-designated neighborhood and we'll have to choose a style that will reflect the 1920's era bungalow house we have. The lot is large and level, and there are a number of detached garages in the area on even smaller lots.

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