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Appliance help

I am purchasing a home where the previous owners took the appliances. I am happy with the cabinets, but obviously need appliances. The openings for the dishwasher, refrigerator, and trash compactor are all standard sizes. The opening for the free-standing range is 36", as is the opening for the hood above. There is also two openings for built in appliances, one directly above the other. The bottom is 28.5" x 28" (apparently a single wall oven), and right above it is an opening 28.5" wide x 19.5" tall. I assume some sort of built in microwave was there, but can not find anything with those dimensions. The 36" range was obviously an upper end range. I am struggling finding a combination of appliances that will fit the openings yet have a uniform appearance. My girfriend thinks they all should be the same brand, but it just seems that will not be possible. Any suggestions?


Re: Appliance help

Jeff -- shouldn't be too much of a problem.

From your dimensions of the lower cutout indicates you had a 30 inch wall oven. Those dimensions you listed are the cutout measurements -- that's the dimensions you should be looking for not the actual dimensions of the appliance.

The body of the oven is smaller and fits into the cutout -- the face of the oven is larger so as to overlap the cutout in the cabinet to give a finished look.
The depth is also an important dimension.

For example -- I'm looking at a Bosch oven ( HBL3350UC ) that requires a cutout pretty much exactly what you have ( 28.5 x 28.25 ) --- the face of the oven ( 29.75 x 29.6 )will overlap the cutout opening by about an inch all around.

The same applies to built in microwave ovens.

There is another alternative with the microwave oven --- many manufacturers of microwave ovens have trim kits available to allow using a more conventional type microwave oven and insert into a cabinet to give you the finished look of a built in unit.

Hopefully this helps.:)

Re: Appliance help
jrobi wrote:

I am struggling finding a combination of appliances that will fit the openings yet have a uniform appearance. My girfriend thinks they all should be the same brand, but it just seems that will not be possible. Any suggestions?

Definitely ignore that advice from your girlfriend. High-end and mid- to high-end kitchens just about never have all appliances from a single brand, for one simple reason: There is no single brand that makes equally good appliances across the board. Some brands are known for their fridges but the other appliances are mediocre. Some brands are known for their ranges but their fridges suck. And so on. Not to mention, almost all microwaves are made by either Sharp or Panasonic--they are simply rebranded and given a slightly different exterior style when Sharp or Panasonic makes them for another company. So it makes no sense to spend, say, $700 for a Dacor microwave when you can get basically the same one directly from Panasonic for $300.

If your girlfriend needs convincing about the fact that high-end kitchens do not having "matching" (same brand) appliances, google these brand names:

Those are all makers of famous, expensive to super-expensive ranges. And none of those companies makes fridges or dishwashers. All they make is cooking appliances: ranges, cooktops, wall ovens and range hoods. The cheapest Bertazzoni range is about $2500 (but most are closer to $5000), and the most expensive LaCanche tops out around, I kid you not, $30,000. These are high-end appliances. But it is impossible for someone who buys them to have a matching fridge.

And true matching is impossible. Even if you buy a kitchen full of GE appliances, if they're stainless they won't match exactly because the grade of stainless steel used in ranges is different than what's used in fridges. The metals are slightly different because ranges get hot and fridges don't--they use the right metal for the job, which means that if you put those two appliances side by side, their color would not be quite identical. A GE stainless fridge is no more likely to match a GE stainless range than a KitchenAid stainless fridge is.

So just forget about matching your appliances. All that will get you is a kitchen full of not-quite-matching appliances that don't all work well. You might have a great fridge and a really annoying range, or vice versa. There just isn't any brand whose appliances are ALL really good.

So just look for the best range for you, the best fridge for you, etc., and ignore whether they are made by the same manufacturer or not. All that matters is that they're good machines that look good together. Stainless is stainless, white is white, black is black--regardless of what brand they are, if they're all the same color they're close enough to matching that they'll look good in the same kitchen. The appliances aren't going to be right next to each other (unless you have a truly bizarre layout), so don't worry about exact color matching.

And if you're worried about matching handles, pause for a minute and reflect upon whether you will still be happy about those matching handles the third time you need to call the manufacturer for repairs. Like I said, a company that makes a great fridge can make a stove with matching handles, but they probably can't make a great stove. Just get the best appliances for your needs and your wallet.

Re: Appliance help

That's right, no one brand makes the best appliances across the board.
I don't know what kind of a budget you have, but I would stick to made in USA products (easier to find parts), and since there are only a handful of manufactures behind the 2 or 3 dozens of brands on the market, read some of the reviews ****** to decide which ones you will choose.
Good luck.

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