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Re: anyone see the new festool kapex miter saw?

yes, the 2008 catalog just came out on tuesday. i was reading up on the saw and that it will retail for $1300 and i thought that it said it would be released summer of 2008.

Re: anyone see the new festool kapex miter saw?

Festool is the good stuff, but with tools one is wise to buy only the grade you're going to need so you can spend your leftover resources on other needed tools. I began with good used power tools, moved up to cheaper but servicable new tools, and am upgrading to better or bes as I go on. I've seen but not used the Harbor Freight miter saws. They wouldn't stand up to what I need them for; ie portable heavily used production work and the not-yet-fully-trained hired help. A few slams and drops and those saws will be out of alognment. You're not supposed to treat tools like that but believe me, it happens all the time so you'd better get something that will take it! I don't like DeWalt's sliders though they are good tools. Overpriced, bulkier than they need to be, and heavy. My preference was for them until I tried out a Hitachi C10FSH. I've never found another slider that fits my needs better than this one; it can be set past a 45 deg. bevel, goes past 55 deg. miter, works smoothly and holds up to herd work and mild abuse. The settings are accurate(but the scales are a bit small for my older eyes, typical of most saws)and they stay put. There's 3 of these on the job where I work and the only time anything elas gets used is when a 10" blade isn't enough. My only beef with this one is trying to cut small stuff(like shoe molding)on a RH bevel; there's not enough room for my hand in there, but there's 3 other ways to make that cut so it's not a big deal. The bevel lever has a LH thread which is opposite of most but easier to use once you get used to that. I can buy 3 or more of these instead of one Festool and I just can't see how any slider can get much better than this one. If money were no object, then like Tom and Norm I'd have a shop full of every gadget imaginable; but alas I'm just a real person in the real world where such things don't happen(till you win the lottery and don't need to work anymore!)

Till then I'll do as I've always done and purchase the best value for my needs instaed of the best tool possible. It's a system that works very well indeed!



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