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Anyone raise a house to dig a new basement?

We recently purchased a 100 year old farm house that has a stone foundation. It has a small, primitive 'root cellar' but not a usable space to call a basement. I think we should consider raising the house to have a new basement dug. My husband thinks it would be too cost prohibitive. Does anyone have any experience with this process? Am I crazy for thinking its even feasible?

Re: Anyone raise a house to dig a new basement?

Nicole Curtis did something like this for her series, "Rehab Addict".

It involved replacement of the basement walls, but the technique would be the same. She said it costs about $30k.

You can probably find it on Hulu or on her site - The "Dollar House" is the project.

Re: Anyone raise a house to dig a new basement?

It would no doubt cost lots more to raise the house, but in many cases it's not really necessary; I would definitely not recommend this as a diy project, if you're thinking along those lines; there are excavating contractors that use earth-moving equipment to punch a hole thru the foundation on one side of the house & excavate the soil/rock in stages using mini skid loaders and small caterpillar earth-moving equipment , then installing concrete sister walls up against the existing stone foundation; the new staged concrete sections are connected to each other using heavy rebar to connect all the new concrete pours to each other.

A lot may depend on the present condition of the sills (heavy wood support structures) and the other heavy wood framing structures that are now holding up the house, where the house presently meets the present stone foundation----if there is a lot of rot in the structural wood, the job gets more complicated & expensive.

There is usually no need to excavate the entire full basement in these projects; most families can get by very well with only a partial cellar excavation so that heating/cooling & other utilities can be located in the new cellar; consult the Yellow Pages under "Excavation Contractors" and have several companies submit written quotes on the cost of the project.

Re: Anyone raise a house to dig a new basement?

Thanks daspyda... I will see if I can find that episode as a starting point!

Re: Anyone raise a house to dig a new basement?

thanks dodsworth, that is some good info. (No, while my husband is very handy, we would definitely not take this on as a DIY project!)
The house and foundation are in great shape, great 12" beams with thick stone foundation. But the root cellar is very small maybe 10 x 14, including the stairs... My brother in law actually owns an excavation company...think I will have to ask him to research the approach you outlined...thank you for the tips!

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