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Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

I have been following and watching the show since it came out, and rolled with it through the years. The show has gone through a number of personality changes and variations over the years, but one I can say I am not enjoying too much is the interior designer they have featured over the last two projects. She seems very dull to me and her attempts at personality and enthusiasm seem a little fake (almost robotic). I agree interior design is important in these projects and should be shown, but I think this new woman is getting too much air time and should not be featured so prominently in the show. She is just not made for This Old House. I think the designer that was brought on for the Carlisle Project was the best one they have featured yet. She seemed to be more genuine in her emotions and advise. I may be alone here, but in my opinion it is time to find someone else.

Re: Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

I would say give her a little time, not everyone is born to work in front of the camera. I can remember when Norm was a little jerky, and when Bob Villa was replaced and people said the show would die. I'm not that found of her work but realize a lot of her choices are based on the owners tastes. I would guess she was chosen in part for her looks now that TOH has become a celebrity project show rather than a remodeling and DIY show.

Re: Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

I indicated on a thread for the Weston Project that I didn't think much of the oriental furniture recommendation in a timberframe. I too thought that she was emotionless. I think the comment that she just needs time is an appropriate one. At the end of the New York City project, she warmed up and showed more of her personality. My guess is that the Producers know what their doing and she'll be just fine. I thought she suggested some excellent rug/furniture choices for the family in New York. I can't wait to see what the new project will be that should start in a few months.

Re: Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

I agree with giving her time. Her talent is Interior Design, not acting, and then you place her in front of a nationwide audience.

It is the same with test takers. Some can be excellent at their jobs, but just bad test takers (thinking military here), so they don't get promoted.

A stretch for comparison, but just realizing our talents and what we are asked to do with them.


Re: Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

I'm not a fan either. I don't want to be too critical because, as many have mentioned, interior design has a lot to do with taste. That said I'm not sure she's a good fit for this old house. She seems very modern and contemporary (both her personal style and her design taste). I sense she's trying too hard to be unique, creative, and outside the box. Her work just doesn't seem to fit with the houses or clients. With Weston, who puts asian in a timberframe? And I think New York was worse. Her pick of living room pieces aren't the best matches for a family with too young kids. Will those pieces hold up? I think not. I will however give her credit for doing a good job of thinking about scale and texture.

Re: Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

I wasn't loving the decor of the Brooklyn house to mush either. I felt the kitchen was way to modern and did not really match anything. Some of the furnishings were to mis matched for my taste, but it is just my thoughts. Am I the olny one that isn;t to crazy about the spiral staircase? I just can't get past that.:(

Re: Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

couldn't agree more. she is definitely someone i would not pick to help with my interior designer. while it is utimately the owner's tastes, the designer helps narrow down the choices. start with the tiling, the choices were horrible. the dining set which is formal doesn't go with the contemporary kitchen. the furniture won't last with a growing family. and what's up with tree table? doesn't go with a french style couch. prefer the newton project style better

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