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Any way to date wallpaper?

Knocked out a wall and found this really interesting wallpaper. Is there any way to ballpark a date from it?

Re: Any way to date wallpaper?

Go to the neighborhood beauty salon that specialize blonde dye jobs in the middle of the day, ask at the book club or baking group, or stop by church at the early mass on Sunday or pretty much any funeral, or Luby's before 4pm

When there ask the old ladies what they remember.

I'm serious. You'd be surprised with the information folks with grey hairs have. Might be able to tell you a bit about the former residents of your house as well.

Re: Any way to date wallpaper?

Another source is old wallpaper catalogs.

Re: Any way to date wallpaper?

You just ask her for a date. Oh, you said "wallpaper", not "wallflower". (sorry, I just had to go there :p )

I can't date it but I have seen this same pattern somewhere, but that's as far as my memory will take me. The good part of this is that it was probably a common pattern so you should find you info more easily.


Re: Any way to date wallpaper?

Wallpaper with historic vignettes has a long history, but from the subject matter, colors and appearance, I'd say 20th century, circa 1940, give or take 10 years.

Re: Any way to date wallpaper?

Google or bing images of vintage wallpaper. You may find a match but every image comes with a reference at the bottom, many for old/vintage wallpaper pros. I'm sure they could help easily. Love that vintage paper! If it's on linen or hand painted it will be worth CA$H. Happy hunting!

Re: Any way to date wallpaper?

Wallpaper looks different.

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