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Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

I am planning on replacing existing windows on my 1932 brick colonial house. Currently there are iron, single pane glazing windows installed. Very nice, but already out of shape (82yo!). I tried to call local companies (NE Ohio) but the in-house estimates are complete waste of time and they are looking for some complete idiots willing to pay 1200$+ for a window that is ~80-90ui. Uncle google wasnt that much of a help in terms of finding local direct-manufacturer (all are ****** re-sellers or they point You to local "dealer").
Couple things that I found out so far:
1) I will need brown vinyl (or dark like bronze/black), this seemed to add like 300$/window since they have to paint this PVC, by handbrush. Anyone tried to paint their white vinyl windows ? I found a company that sells particular stain for PVC windows, and they offer complete palette of colors.
2) Grille is a must. The problem is the color. Most of the grilles that I have seen so far, are inserts inside the window pane. Are there any options to add the grille outside, so that they can be painted ? Is it possible to order stained (eg brown) grille inside ?
3) Cranking mechanism vs pushout. I would prefer pushout, and that seems to be cheaper option. Is it also more durable compared to cranking ?

What is the fair price (united inch) for a casement window like this ? Doing some research returned me values anywhere between 2.00$-3.00$ for a window cost.
Are Andersen windows considered cheap ? Its easiest, since most homedepots offer instore quotes etc. Are local manufacturers any cheaper than Andersen ?

Re: Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

Have you looked for a local artisan that repairs your vintage windows?

I know they are out there to repair wood windows (I am waiting patiently in a queue to have mine repaired) and the cost of repair/refurbishment is far less than replacement. You are already experiencing the issues with trying to replace the look of your windows, you will likely never find a similar quality.

Re: Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

not an option,these windows are partially rusted inside-out (lower part), handles are falling apart (my city code renders them broken, and if I would have to sell the house, I would need to repair these first anyway), glazing is falling apart. I tried to repaint the newly installed glazing but that time consuming (I would rather spend this time and resources on replacement).
This is exacly the type of windows that I have currently:


Re: Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

Not an option here, windows are already rusted inside out on the bottom, metal handles are falling apart (makes the window non operational) and glaze is chipping away each season, repainting 27 windows is really annoying.

Is it realistic to get casement windows from Andersen at around 3-4$/united inch ?

Re: Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

Andersen, pella, Marvin all make good windows. Vinyl clad wood is my preference.They come in various colors. White, bronze and some others.
Cranks are pretty standard. How do the windows push out with screens?
I would stay away from vinyl, especially if it has to be painted.
You get what you pay for.

Re: Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

I doubt you will find a true vinyl window that is dark brown. Vinyl expands terribly when heated up by the sun. Dark colors absorb heat and distort badly. You can find metal clad, fiberglass, or possibly vinyl hybrids, but not pure vinyl.
Unfortunately, the pure vinyl tend to be the least expensive alternative of windows. They are the ones that can also be quickly and easily modified to custom dimension, as is neccessary when inserting in brick opeinings.

It is highly advised to never paint a dark vinyl window or vinyl siding with any color darker than the manufactureer used.

Re: Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

This may be a long-shot, but perhaps a commercial glass storefront company can help, much of the metalwork they use is dark bronze which seems to be in the color palette you're seeking. I'd go with good-quality wood otherwise, and you can get brown muntins (grid) in the double-pane glass though that is a special order that usually takes a couple weeks extra. For a perfect color match, get the windows first then match the color.


Re: Any suggestions on casement replacement windows ?

So I did a small research and there are some limitations. So I checked the Andersen S100-S400 and AC S70. When taking the frame thickness into account, they all take ~3.6inch on each side from visible glass (main frame + window frame). No advantage here (thinner better in my case). Current windows (very thin, iron) are mounted to 2x4 frame, if I would leave it as it is, my visible glass gets smaller ~7.2inch over each width and height - unacceptable. It leaves me with pretty much only viable solution - mount window frame directly to a brick (full brick house, not a veneer, so should be ok) using tapcon-like mounting to secure it, and foam it around. Other limitation, some of the andersen windows come with external moulding, not sure if I can get it "flat" to install my own finish. The only one that definitely comes "flat" is AC series70. If I would go with S70 I couldnt get my fav color (Andersen offered cocoa bean which would suit perfectly). But here is the catch. We want to keep windows frame white inside and brownish-like outside (match current look). This makes windows grilles a pain. We need to go with "simulated" option (outside brown to match frame outside, white inside). AC S70 doesnt offer simulated grille (maybe the guy at the store missed something). I will have to get custom grille made to size, and paint the external part to match the color. Andersen S400 (or maybe even S100) would be ok, if not the problem with internal/external color requirement and dual color grille. It looks like I would have to stain the vinyl either way (white to color of my choice, can be done, just good stain needed).S100-S400 (entry level for a window ~600$) seemed to be 200-300$ more expensive, at bare minimum when compared with AC S70 (~300$). At this point I dont see any point in overpaying for Andersen S100-S400 (glass options are pretty much similar between all of them, same with mosquito sashes, maybe handles are little bit different).


I am planning on getting first two, picture windows just to play with them, adding grilles, staining them and figuring the way to pin the down to the wall!

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