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any septic repair pros???

so working on septic tank today- dug up the tank for access to the cleanouts and dug to locate the distribution box- found the cast iron pipe connecting them was rusted and split in 2- made for some damp nasty soil underneath the pipe...... so anyway the distribution box end towards the tank has been sitting in wet soil for awhile i guess.... well the concrete has deteriated to the point that the whole corner has disintergrated and is missing or laying in the box...... so my real questin is can i form a new end then pour new concrete in to beef this up or will this not be sealed well enough? i really dont want to replace the box but if i have to then ok because i havent come this far to have more trouble later........

Re: any septic repair pros???

It sure sounds like you need a complete reconstruction of your sewer line and whatever is involved.

If you feel that you can't do it, contact local plumbers for estimates.

Re: any septic repair pros???

Replace the box and also replace the cast-iron pipe with plastic.

Re: any septic repair pros???

i replaced the box and the line between the tank and box with schedule 40. i also put a 24" riser on for manhole access.

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