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Any guesses on support materials/structures?


I'm living on the edge of the woods and so would like to do things that don't conflict with it. I love this walkway idea for patio/walkway but have no idea what the materials are. It looks like river rock embedded in something, not cement.

Also, I really like these stairs and being as I have a minor slope in two parts of the back yard, would like to put some of these in also but have no guess as to the underlying structure needed to support the treads. I live in NH so they'd have to come through tough winters, even if they weren't in use through the winter.

Any guesses at either of these would be greatly appreciated.



A. Spruce
Re: Any guesses on support materials/structures?

Those probably are set in concrete, dirt and moss naturally collect in the recesses, hiding the concrete and leaving the rock exposed.

You are probably subject to frost heave, so make sure that whatever you put in is installed correctly with good drainage and base. Don't want all your hard work turning to rubble in the first winter.

Re: Any guesses on support materials/structures?

This looks like some type of clay. If it were just dirt collecting, it'd have weeds coming up through it. If it were just clay, in New England, it'd have heaved. I'm guessing it's the stuff they use on unpaved driveways, but I have no idea what to use for a base. I am trying to find information on installing it correctly. Hence, my post. :confused:

Re: Any guesses on support materials/structures?

The walk way looks like large stones for retainers and back filled with gravel or crushed stones.

Re: Any guesses on support materials/structures?

Really hard to say without close up inspection.

Correct installation will have to include good, leveled and well supported surface.

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