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Any good roofing experts?

Recently I purchased a commercial building of 60 square and its roofing is poor. I can see holes through which the daylight enters inside. The ceiling has gypsum panels where the leaks come from. To resolve this, I am looking for a roofing contractor who gets back the roofs in a condition. I don’t know much about these stuffs and did not come across any good contractors. I am residing in Ontario. Any recommendations who has worked good for you would be helpful.

Re: Any good roofing experts?

Without your location this is a ridiculous question.


Re: Any good roofing experts?

Congratulations for purchasing a piece of real estate. That was the easy part. Now you get to fix it and protect your investment.

What could be easier than asking all your friends and relatives if they know any roofers?

Once you have names and numbers of some roofers, talk to them and choose the most reliable. Then watch him doing his craft.

Re: Any good roofing experts?

for a 60 square foot roof, i would recommend a blue tarp from home depot.

Re: Any good roofing experts?

Maybe 60 square = 60 roofing squares = 6000 Square feet

If this is commercial, I'd look into a sprayed on foam roof. It would be waterproof and insulate at the same time. The crust gets so hard you can set HVAC on it.

Re: Any good roofing experts?

60 SQUARE equals 6,000 sf.

Re: Any good roofing experts?

You might want to see if anyone in your area installs I.B. roofing. The administrator of a local hospital, that had recently replaced the hospital roof with the I.B. membrane first referred me to them.

I.B. was more expensive than its competitors, but when I compared their products to the other flat-roof products available, (through third party reviews, consumer reports, product quality testing, and BBB complaints) I couldn't find any other products or companies that came close to meeting their same standards, quality, warranty, or business ethics...

Anyhow, I recommend looking them up, they were always helpful when I contacted them, and even if no one installs their products in your area...I think they'd probably steer you in the right direction.

Disclaimer: Despite this being my first post, I am in no way affiliated with this company, except as a satisfied customer

Re: Any good roofing experts?

Sounds like it's going to be a more involved project than just roofing. If you can see daylight, the roof has been in a failed condition for a long time and there could be structural damage.

I'd recommend finding a reputable general contractor who can manage this, as it will likely involve framing, insulation, and drywall in addition to the roofing. One advantage of a GC is that you write one check and they pay the subcontractors; if you have to get a loan for the rehab the lender may require you to use a GC.

I don't know how things are in Ontario, but in many U.S. states many of the specialty contractors have general contractors licenses, but it doesn't mean that they have the experience to manage an entire project. It means that they've passed certain tests and paid fees to qualify for a GC license which lets them hire subcontractors and get different insurance.

Re: Any good roofing experts?

Has the OP been back or we just talking amongst ourselves?

Re: Any good roofing experts?

Yes there is a team of Roofing contractors in Sacramento, they did wonderful job with my roofs. I personally believe they are good.

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