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Ants ,ants ants

We have a huge Ant problem. They are everywhere, all sizes, I really do mean everywhere. They are all over the yard and they are in my house. I have spray and put poison outin their holes but it doesn't seem to help much. Does any one have any suggestions. You should know that we are on a limited income and really cannot afford a exterminator to come. Can any one help?

Re: Ants ,ants ants

i have found a very cheap ant control corn meal about 50cent a box takes about 2-3 week to control ants solved my ant problem also you should check for a source of water or wet areas

Re: Ants ,ants ants

You need ant traps that contain borax 5% or higher. Good luck !
Put them near the antholes and anywhere they are found and keep it up.

Re: Ants ,ants ants

Like l.bro mentioned, boric acid works well. It comes as white powder or tablets, and may not be good around children or pets, so read the label. Available at watmart, near cleaning supplies.
I have found another product imported from China, which looks like a white chalk to work well on countertops and cabinets, except I don't know its name (can't read chinese). You may have to do some research regarding this product, or go to China searching for it...and see the great wall at the same time.

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