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antique tile shovel

when I was a child I cleaned out tile ditches on our farm. I used a long handle tool that was an angled scoop. It dug the lose dirt out of the bottom of the tile ditch so the tile would lay in a rounded bottom of the ditch. I'm now older than that dirt and need to buy another of those tools. I can't figure out what it was called and thus find it on the internet. What are those scoops/shovels called?

Re: antique tile shovel

With the advent of PVC and other plastic drain tile it probably isn't made any more. Your best chance would be old farm auctions and antique stores. The last one I used was about 50 years old.


Re: antique tile shovel

I am assuming this picture is a similar tool to that of this discussion, if so, can either of you assist me in understanding what the clip/ clamp on the side is for?

Re: antique tile shovel

Is it the same thing as a trench shovel? 4 or 5" wide and kind of long. They still make them.

Re: antique tile shovel

Never heard of a "tile shovel" but with the resurgence of interest in small-scale blacksmithing I'm sure you can find someone nearby who can make you one!


Re: antique tile shovel

We always called them 'tile spoons' but I can't find them online anywhere under that name.  I just bent mine and I am having trouble finding them as swell.

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