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Antique Sink Refinish

We have a cast iron sink with the double drain boards (about five feet long) and would like to incorporate it into a kitchen remodel for an 1860 Victorian home. The finish is very porous and I would like to have it refinished. On the show for the Bronx Brownstone, the process was demonstrated on a claw foot tub. Is this something an "amateur" can do, and if so where would I obtain the materials needed? Thanks for the help!

Re: Antique Sink Refinish

I missed that episode, but it sounds like a good one!

Ron remodeler
Re: Antique Sink Refinish

The epoxy paint used was once sold at hardware stores but never was found to be applied well by amateurs.

The trick to all paint is the prep and in the case of applying epoxy finishes, to baked glass enamel, is a major grinding adventure that some would say is better left to a professional.

Re: Antique Sink Refinish

This is a two part epoxy. There are several brands. Tub and Tile is one of them. We applied them to many of our old clawfoot tubs in our 97 year old apartment building and some of the Youngstown sink/drainboard combination so we have a lot of experience with this epoxy. The Youngstown sink/drainboard combination is cast iron with porcelein. The epoxy held up fairly well in the tubs 8 to 10 years but not in the sinks. When you consider the use that sinks get with pots and pans, silverware, dishes etc. etc. etc. we got about 2 years out of a sink and after about a year or so the epoxy starts to peel off.
You would be wasting your time.

The Boss
Re: Antique Sink Refinish

From my research it is not recomended to epoxy finish kitchen sinks because due to use, the finish could fail (pots/pans/knives). Is there anyone who can refire a sink? or would powder coating work?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Antique Sink Refinish

I would look into having the sink redone by a professional rather than an in-home job. I would check with some of the manufacturers of current porcelain/cast iron sinks and see if they have any advice for getting new porcelain put on it.

Re: Antique Sink Refinish

Tub n Tile or any other epoxy will not work in kitchen sinks. There are probably people out there that would sand blast off the old finish and reglaze it but it would probably be lots of money. It would be cheaper and better to buy a replacement sink that closely matches the current sink. Powder coating will not work either.

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