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Antibacterial cleaners are bad for your faucets (PSA)

If you have a faucet with acrylic (clear plastic) handles, antibacterial cleaners containing triclosan or triclocarban will cause crazing (dense, fine cracks) and cracking of the handles. Antibacterial hand soaps can be just as bad for them, unless you are very careful to completely rinse your hands and never get the soap on the handles (yeah, right). Most faucet warranties DO NOT cover this kind of damage.

If you want to disinfect those handles, use a chlorine bleach solution. Check the label on the chlorine bleach bottle for the recommended dilution for surface disinfecting.

Oh, one other thing about surface disinfectants: most disinfectants need to remain on the surface AT LEAST 10 MINUTES to be effective. Wiping it on and then wiping it off is ineffective. Read the label!

P.S. -- About those antibacterial hand soaps? It's a waste. Proper handwashing with ordinary soap is just as effective at getting rid of germs. No need to kill them if you're going to wash them away, right? And if you don't use antibacterial agents, then you reduce the risk of creating superbugs that are resistant to antibacterial agents.

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