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Another Weird Wall Material

My home was build in 1935, it has this material on the walls and ceiling. I've attached a few photos to better explain, as I'm not a contractor and am not sure how to give an accurate explanation. What I can say is that from the back it appears to have a thin piece of paper, then a layer of drywall material, a layer of concrete and finally a thin layer of plaster.

A. Spruce
Re: Another Weird Wall Material

Before drywall became an acceptable wall covering, its first incarnation was known as "button board" and it was use in place of wood lath to hold plaster to the wall. The holes, or "buttons", allowed the plaster to squish through and key itself (lock onto ) onto the drywall. In the days of wood lath, it was the spaces between the lath where the plaster keyed onto the wall.

In answer to your question, you've got button board, brown coat plaster (first plaster layer ), and skim coat plaster (finished layer).

Re: Another Weird Wall Material

Yup, that is one off alright.

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