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Another Vapor Barrier ?

I am re-finishing my basement and will be using fiberglass batts for insulation. Should I install the vapor barrier between the studs and the concrete wall or between the studs and the drywall (sealing in the insulation in)? I have had friends of mine who build/remodel houses give me both as the correct way. How do I correctly seal the vapor barrier as well? So I am looking to the TOH masses for a consensus. I live in Belgium Wisconsin along Lake Michigan, the basement is poured concrete 8" thick and 8' high. Finishing with 2X4, insulation, vapor barrier and drywalling over. Also had interior drain tile repairs this spring and have the waffle board that was installed along the bottom edge when it was re-concreted. If the correct way is in-between the studs and concrete wall, can I just tuck the vapor barrier into the waffle board to allow any moisture through it and under the floor and into the new drain tile?

Re: Another Vapor Barrier ?

The vapor barrier is placed on the warm (room) side of the insulation.

If you are using fiberglass bats place them into the stud bays so they are touching the foundation. Then use a continuous vapor barrier that will cover the studs also the top and bottom making sure to use a house wrap tape to seal all seams of the barrier. Then attach your drywall over top.

While you are insulating make sure to do the rim joist areas as well.

A recommendation is not use fiberglass at all .... instead use sheets of rigid foam. Simply use some PL premium adhesive to glue the sheets to the foundation then put up the wall framing then the drywall. This will give a complete thermo break from the foundation wall and will provide better insulating performance than the interrupted method of insulation with fiberglass bats.

There is no need to fuss with vapor barrier.

At least that's my experience from the great white north.:)

Check this link :http://www.eere.energy.gov/consumer/your_home/insulation_airsealing/index.cfm/mytopic=11620

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