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Re: Another swaying deck
Gizmo wrote:

Its hard to tell from the pics but are the post elevated off the concrete piers? Thats what it look like to me.

Maybe my old eyes are playing tricks on me. :)

They sure are and that's one of the deficiencies: the posts are way off the base and tend to rotate.

There are a few more deficiencies, enough to make me recommend to disassemble the deck, throw out the damaged lumber and rebuild again it from scratch, using the correct fasteners and Simpson connectors - concrete to wood, wood to wood, etc.

Re: Another swaying deck

Yes they all are up off the concrete, I first thought just a few but all of them are that way. When we bought this place 2.5 yrs. ago we never thought much about the deck until now when I started inspecting it. All the nails are corroding that I have found, just about everything that could be wrong is. The deck goes all the way across the back of the house so it is too big for us. So the plan is too reduce it in size and use all the decent lumber out of it and yes take everything off, even some of the post brackets at the pier are corroding. I probably should also test dig to see how far the piers go down just to make sure, if they are fine I should be able to cut off the existing bracket and drill new bolt holes and use them in the new design. 12X23 then continue a walk around.
Thanks again to everyone for the comments, never built a deck but plan on finally doing one.

Re: Another swaying deck

If you are going to redo the whole thing, here is a resource for you.



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