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ANOTHER Non-Profit?


Why can't we go back to cool/interesting/trend-leading projects instead of MORE housing for "disadvantaged?" Are we going to waste half the season on junk like the musician's village in New Orleans again? What do you want to bet it will have bunch of worthless "green" products/designs, as well?

I am glad to see that the expression "Ground Zero" is still being over-used, though.

Come on, guys, you're better than this. I wouldn't be so bothered by it if you weren't. TOH is one of the last few non-stupid non-hippie things on television, but you seemed determined to steer it that way.

Re: ANOTHER Non-Profit?

Who was it that once said, “You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please……………..”

Anyway, all are entitled to an opinion.

I have not watched one episode of the program but I have followed on-line a bit. It looks to me like they are taking the program back to its roots by taking one run down pile of junk and rebuilding it into a couple of efficient homes.

Re: ANOTHER Non-Profit?
squeamish wrote:


Why can't we go back to cool/interesting/trend-leading projects instead of MORE housing for "disadvantaged?"

The show is at its best when it restores and renews older buildings. Solutions or designs that reflect wheelbarrow loads of money and product donations dumped into a project don't do much for the creative guy in me; that would probably be a nice enough show, but it would be called "This Fancy House," not "This Old House." I prefer episodes that feature craftsmanship, ingenuity and common sense solutions, something actually within reach of me and probably most of the rest of the audience. And I only wish some of the "green" solutions were around when I was faced with repairing any one of several homes I've had to deal with in the past 35 years. I'd have gotten more out of them when they sold. It's the opposite of what you seem to have in mind with the disparagement of "hippie;" that green stuff adds value to a structure because it lasts longer or costs less to maintain or reduces energy use, or all three.

Re: ANOTHER Non-Profit?

I'm ambivalent regarding 'practical' new versus 'old' projects. But in the PC world we live in, TV shows certainy look to win the various awards out there. I have watched every episode of TOH I can find for years and my humble opinion is that there is a formula if you want to survive and prosper on Public Television. The Austin project was probably the best example of this taken to extremes. I kept giving that project the reality test of comparing it to what happens every day in the construction industry. I could provide very specific examples of how extremely expensive it would be to follow some of those practices. Not TOH, but another well known Home Improvement host kept touting "green" projects where "green' meant using quality building materials that were energy efficient. I'm open to any progressive approach to contruction, but all to often, the subject of true costs and relevant subsidies is avoided. As Kermit the Frog says, "It isn't easy being Green!"

Re: ANOTHER Non-Profit?

Thank goodness for tax dollars.

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