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Another leaning garage

I have a garage that was built pre-1900. All of the wood siding, studs, and beams are in relatively good shape (no rot). At one point, a car port was added on using all wood construction and this has caused the garage to lean, and some of the walls to slip off the concrete slab. I know I will probably have to remove the carport and make some adjustments there, but how do I go about getting the walls back on the slab and straightened out? The roof is in good shape; it just needs new shingles. Is there a way to try to raise the roof, so to speak, to straighten out the walls and get them back on the slab? I'm sure I would hire someone to do it for me, but how big of a job will this be?

Re: Another leaning garage

It's hard to tell how much the walls are "off the slab". A little bit, completely off, etc. Also hard to know what caused them to move off the slab. If you hire someone to fix it, they'll probably use some form of a jack to raise the roof from the inside, to take the weight off the wall.

Once that's done, something as simple as using a sledge hammer and knocking the floor plate of the wall back over the slab could be accomplished with not too much effort.

The bottom line is that what you're describing can be done. The specifics of the situation will need examination before a complete solution can be described here.

Good Luck.

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