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Another goof-up on that TOH show.


kreg mcmahon
Re: Another goof-up on that TOH show.

you said that there was a wet spot on the ceiling, well the drywall would have needed to be replace, most likely. and to cut out a section of drywall and then repair it is only about 2 hour job to put it back in mud sand and prime.

I did not see the eposide so I can only go by what you are saying, and yes yellow spots on ceiling can be zinsered oil based primer ,dry over night then paint, done deal

Re: Another goof-up on that TOH show.

Monday morning quarterbacks always seem to get it right.
What, mistakes aren't allowed. ;)

Re: Another goof-up on that TOH show.

I agree is was a goof up in the sense that if the drywall or plaster was removed "First" it may have been out of sequence.

The wet area could get moldy on the back side.. But depending on the size of the leak and so on.. It may not have needed to be replaced.

Re: Another goof-up on that TOH show.

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Re: Another goof-up on that TOH show.

I'm in between here. I would have opened the ceiling but not so largely. You can see a lot from a small hole and it's easier to patch. If what you see warrants a bigger hole then you'd have had to do that anyway and only a minute has been lost in making the smaller hole.

I think it's something to keep in mind here that TOH is a TV show that tries to show folks how to do stuff like patching ceilings. They travel to the job so they don't have the option of saying "Let's try caulking the tub first and if it doesn't fix it then I'll drop by next week and we'll dig deeper." They had one shot to be sure the leak was stopped and they did just that. Therefore I feel they're right in using the foolproof method they used since a large hole accomplished the total goal better, even if I would have done it differently.


Re: Another goof-up on that TOH show.

In my part of the Country - if it's drywall and it's turned into wetwall then it comes out...if it was my house i would want it torn out and replaced anyway.

In years past they would punch holes - let water drain - prime/paint renail to take out the sag and be done. Then come back in a month when black mold appears and tear out and replace anyway.

The cost of making sure and doing it right the first time is much less than guessing and redoing it later.

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