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Another deck-over-cement patio question

Hi, I've read the other threads that talk about building some sort of decking over an existing concrete patio, and I saw a video of Tom Silva covering one with composite deck boards and PVC trim.

My situation is this...hopefully my explanation will make sense. My mother is buying a small ranch house in NY. I live in NC so I haven't seen this house but am going up in 2 weeks to fix/replace some stuff and help her move in. She took a picture of the back patio and needs something done because the one concrete step on the patio is too far down from the door threshold for her bad knees to handle.

From the picture, it looks like the step is probably 12" down from the threshold and then I'd guess 6-8" down to the patio. The step runs the width of the patio which I'm guessing to be about 8 feet wide.

I had thought of a couple ideas but am hung up on a few details. One thought was to build a set of two steps over the top of the concrete step. The first would be just below the threshold and bring it out from the house beyond the concrete step, making sort of a platform/landing out of it. Then another step down from there onto the patio.

A second thought I had after watching the video (http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/video/0,,20050370,00.html) and reading some of the posts was to somehow double the front-to-back depth of the concrete step, and build a new step on top of the existing one at the level of the threshold. I envisioned trimming around the concrete step similar to the video. The main question with that though is, what to use as the 'filler' to double the size of the existing step? I would think stuffing PT lumber and resting it on the concrete is not preferable. Maybe cinder blocks or some sort of brick?

Would composite decking be the best way to go over concrete? I would think since concrete is rather absorbent, it would tend to suck any moisture out of wood and cause it to warp...at least that's what happens any time I leave some on my garage floor!

I'd be grateful for any advice and suggestions.


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