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Ancient Vise

An old vise came with our house. It is attached to a workbench.

When I turn the handle, the part of the vise that moves (over the body of the vise) will extend backwards, but when I reverse it, to close it on something, there is no motion inward.

I have to physically push on the end of the "jaw" to get it to slide in.
So, you can't tighten it.

Should I take it down for scrap value, or...?

A. Spruce
Re: Ancient Vise

If you like the vise and want to keep it, try cleaning and lubricating the mechanism and slides. If you do not need the vise, scrap it.

Re: Ancient Vise

Steel fetches next to nothing round these parts. If you want to get rid of it most easily, have the local scrap metal scavenger take it away for you. We do that many times on job sites.

Re: Ancient Vise

The recycle center will take it, and it will end up in China before this year is over.

Re: Ancient Vise

If you can post a picture, some vises have a quick release and it may just need to be disabled.


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