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Anchoring deck to cement foundation

Is there a way of attaching a ledger board for a deck directly to foundation wall without jeopardizing the integrity of the foundation. Deck size is 10'x 28':confused:

Re: Anchoring deck to cement foundation

You'll have to check with your local building inspector office at town hall---there has been a rash of deck collapses in recent years & each town has their own specs on how to do this.

Lead anchors and lag bolts are not allowed anymore in many areas.

Frost/thaw cycles have caused failures of a number of ledger attachment methods, so town specs have become very specific as to what method you can use.

Re: Anchoring deck to cement foundation
Re: Anchoring deck to cement foundation

Just joined the forum, found your advice about the fasteners VERY HELPFUL!;)

Re: Anchoring deck to cement foundation

What's wrong with sinking concrete anchored posts right next to the foundation?

Or using both a ledger and anchored posts where the posts would reduce the sheer load on the ledger and the ledger would prevent the posts from shifting away from the foundation?

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