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Anchor Gate Without Splitting Brick

I have an existing tall steel security gate. (Most people familiar with urban settings and my area would call this an alley gate). It is currently secured by anchors and lag bolts into the small side of a brick wall. At some point the top brick cracked so the weight of the gate makes it stick and difficult to open. Hopefully I haven't confused you yet.

Obviously I have to replace the cracked brick and wait for the mortar to harden but are there any ticks or alternatives for anchoring to prevent the stress of the anchor from cracking the new brick? I have no choice but to secure it either into the short side of the brick or in the mortar joint between 2 bricks.

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Re: Anchor Gate Without Splitting Brick

1..... "Do Not".....do not use an expansion anchor

2....."Do"......do use an anchor that is held in with epoxy or use TapCon screws

Re: Anchor Gate Without Splitting Brick

If your gate is heavy, you might have this problem recurring again and again. Some kind of support in the moving end will solve that problem.

I install a support wheel on the moving side of the gate, and that seems to relieve the stress on the hinges.

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