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ammonia smell?

My husband and I have recently noticed a faint ammonia like order on our front porch and emitting from the built-in drawers in our dining room. Our 2 story house was built in 1908, and has siding which the previous owners had put on - I don't know when but it was over 5 years ago. My husband thinks the smell might be from all the many feral cats in our neighborhood peeing in the gardens around our house (which is a nightmare if that is the cause of the odor). I noticed that the two areas in which we are smelling this odor are both areas where we have experienced water seepage during heavy rainstorms this summer. Rain came thru the walls and ceiling on the front porch and also in our kitchen (same exterior wall shared with the back of the built-in). We live in MN and it's been very cold here, so I can't imagine mold could grow, yet I'm finding in my research online that mold is precisely what could be causing this odor!
Does anyone have any suggestions? It's definitely not an overpowering odor but it's noticeable and disturbing to us. I'd like to discover the cause before it gets any worse.

Any advice is appreciated.

Re: ammonia smell?

from personal experience I will tell you that both cats spraying and wet wood rot with both have a similar odor. in one case I dealt with it was a conbination of both.

Re: ammonia smell?


We had a similar experience several years ago. After a rain, the sub-flooring on our covered porch would soak up water and emit an overpowering sour amonia smell. After a few days of drying out the smell would subside.

We just recently bought a newly constructed home and notice the same smell in one room only. I'll post later when the cause is determined.

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