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Re: Ammendments for clay soil?
canuk wrote:

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Re: Ammendments for clay soil?

It could or refer to all of us .... depends who you talk to.

Re: Ammendments for clay soil?

Any organic amendment will help, but mushroom compost is the best, I've found. It covers both making the soil workable, as well as adding nutrients that won't have had a chance to work into the clay. It stinks a little coming out of the bag, but that only lasts a day or two. Mix in with equal parts leaf compost, and you're good to go.

Re: Ammendments for clay soil?

I agree with using organic material as a soil amendment for clay soil. Chunky is better, since almond-sized (and smaller) pieces of bark, wood chips, etc. expand and contract with moisture content, giving air space and improving drainage. The looser the soil, the easier it is for roots to penetrate it and for plants to grow better. In addition, organic material will break down over time and add nutrients to the soil, feeding your plants.

Sand and gravel are static materials and don't expand or contract -- they do not improve drainage, especially in clay soil. The previous poster is correct, it will make concrete! There is also no nutrient value in rocks.

Re: Ammendments for clay soil?

I think a soil test is the best place to start. The recommendations attached may call for other amendments besides compost, like lime or gypsum. All the olden day's garden books went on & on about using gypsum to loosen up clay soils.


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