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Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

Hello, I am going to need to replace the shingles on my house soon. It currently has asphalt shingles on it that I was just going to replace with asphalt again until I found aluminum shingles on the internet. They seem to be applied fairly easy and seem to have a good warrantee. I understand they are more expensive, but with a lifetime warrantee they seem worth it to not have to replace them again.

Does anybody have any experience with these? Are these good or are they the next gimmick? How is the noise level with hard rain/hail? What about strength against hail damage? What about fading over time?

Re: Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

Stay with asphalt shingles.

There is a new Lowes near me, and they have a metal roof. They also have about two dozen buckets around the store when a rare rain storm comes around.

Re: Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

Post a link to these shingles, I have never seen or heard of aluminum used as a shingle.

Re: Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

Aluminum shingles have been around for years and are usually coated with a aggregate. The shingles that I have seen interlock with one another providing excellent protection from high winds. I am assuming this is also for a pitched roof not a flat roof? Also remember a roof is only as good as its flashing. I hope this helps and good luck on your project.

Re: Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

there is the original version called "fin-all roofing" its straight up aluminum but has the look of a regular shingle. my old man had it installed back in like 2002 with the only issue being standing under the eaves during a snow storm. snow wont stick to it, when theres about 2 " of snow accumulated it will slide off the roof. there were a few times i saw the old man get covered in snow. pretty funny.

metal roofs are notorious for leaks espcially on warehouses, the product. this is do to installers who dont pay attention to their fastening.. some roofs that dont have much of a overlap require special screws that have a gasket on them. if their undertorgqued or overtorqed with a driver the gasket is rendered useless

Re: Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

post 10 yeah

Re: Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

Hello again the ones I was looking at is from one of two companies . The first company can be found at > www.aluminumshingle.com

The second can be found at > www.aluminumlockroofing.com They say they've been around since 1957.

With Lifetime warrantees they can't be too bad.

DJ1 I don't think we are talking about the same products cause all the lowes around me have flat roofs and these can't be put on a flat roof. I think they have sheet steel for roofs not the shingles I'm talking about.

Anyways I first seen them installed on one of the Mike Holmes shows and they seemed to work pretty good on there but then again anything can be made to look good on TV.

What do you think?

Re: Aluminum shingles. Yes or no?

The average lifespan of asphalt shingles tend to be around 15 to 30 years, while aluminum and other metal roofing types tend to be at 50 years or more. While the costs are a bit more than asphalt, the durability holds a little more sway.

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