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Also undying irises

I stupidly accepted some iris runners from a friend at work. I thought they would look good near my house, the fire ants thought so too! I have dug them up 3 times so far, and gotten numerous ant bites, only to find them to return the following year! How do I get rid of these things for good!!! The flowers are not attractive and they have a tendency to just lay down. Also would elephant ears do the same thing, stay in a clump and lay down?

Re: Also undying irises

If a plant propagates through rhizomes (runners) to totally kill it you must remove every last bit of it, as the growth can restart from any portion of the underground system.

The fire ants can be dealt with- there are effective remedies just be sure to follow the directions precisely, don't think that you know a better way. If they detect a disturbance before becoming poisoned, they will simply move somewhere else and continue to be a problem. It's usually a multi-step application process involved here so read and follow the directions or you're wasting your time and money.


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