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Alligatoring Paint

RE: CGrace28 post:

I have alligatoring primer that was applied over new and previously painted bathroom walls. Since the substrate is sheetrock, stripper is not an option. I have had little success, little meaning approximately 1 square foot per hour, sanding with either 1/4 sheet or 5 inch DA sanders with 60, 80, or 120 grit paper. This particular primer becomes so smooth during sanding that it seems like I am trying to sand ceramic.
I have not tried a heat gun. Are there any other solutions besides replacing the sheetrock?

A. Spruce
Re: Alligatoring Paint

More info please!

What was on the walls prior to the primer?

You applied the primer, correct? What was it?

Were the walls properly prepped before the primer was applied?

Ventilation - What does this bathroom have currently? Was the alligatoring caused by the application of the primer or were the walls already alligatored which would indicate a moisture problem.

Repair. The easiest means to correct the problem will likely be to float the walls smooth with topping compound, retexture, then prime with two coats of a good primer and two coats of a good semi-gloss top coat. BEFORE any more painting or repair is attempted, a thorough washing of the walls with a strong TSP solution is in order, followed by a good rinse with clean water, allow to fully dry, then skim coat.

Re: Alligatoring Paint

Alligatoring can occur when two coats of paint have been applied and they are drying at different rates, usually when a second coat is put on before the underlying coat is thoroughly dry.

It can also occur when the underlying coat is somewhat slick. There are "crackle finish" paints on the market that work this way. The top coat pulls back ( crackles or alligators), revealing the underlying color coat. An interesting look when it is desired, but highly aggravating when you only want a nice smooth finish.

Re: Alligatoring Paint

What was on the walls prior to the primer? The previously painted walls were painted with latex and the balance was new sheetrock installed and mudded about 1 month earlier.
You applied the primer, correct? What was it? Zinser BIN (shellac base).

Were the walls properly prepped before the primer was applied? New construction was wiped with a damp cloth. Previously painted surfaces were washed with a bleach solution to remove surface mold.
Ventilation: Exhaust fan in the ceiling, supposed to be 90 CFM. No allegatoring present before applying the primer.

Will the allegatoring continue to spread under the skim coat and new paint?

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