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Air leaks in Pgh PA garage

OK, I have a 1950 era ranch style house, with a 35 x 11 integral garage.

I have saved up some money to fix up the garage which is in desparate need of insulating. As well as a rehab.

OK, so when I tear down the ceiling, what type of products should I use to seal up the ends of the garage from air leakage?

And does anyone have any suggestions on placing lights, for a general tinker area?

Any pointers greatly appreciated. I am getting handy, but still need a lot of pointers.


Re: Air leaks in Pgh PA garage

When you tear off the ceiling, I'd install fiberglass insulation batts in the ceiling, between the joists. Depending on how much you'll be using the garage during the winder, pick the insulation with the higher "R" value for better insulation value. Now hang a layer of 1/2" drywall. Depending on how much you want to adhere to building code, you may have to hang "Type-X" fire rated drywall (5/8") in the ceiling since you're attached to the living area of your home.

Now you can just finish the ceiling, much like you would inside any room. Now you can concentrate on weatherproofing your garage door.

As far as lighting, I'd just use some 6' double fluorescent lights. Wire the area for lights where you want to work and install a duplex receptical so you can just plug in the lights that you can pick up inexpensively at HD or other building supply stores. It'll give you a little flexibility in the placement of the lights. When wiring them, I'd run the circuit back to a wall switch by the door, for convenience.

Good Luck.

Good Luck.

Re: Air leaks in Pgh PA garage


I don't think I was very clear with my original post.

I was definitely going to use some weight of batt insulation. What ever I can fit in the joists, I haven't opened them yet.
My intended question was what if anything I should put at the ends of the batting to block wind from coming through the bricks.
also I have an outside spotlight, which needs sealed off, how should I do that?

To be honest I am more concerned about the livability of the bedrooms above the garage than I am in the garage itself. The temp last night in Pittsburgh was danged near zero, that was cold.

Plus I realized that I made a typo, the garage is 25 foot long, not 35. With that length,and the idea of using it or general tinkering would you use two or three light fixtures, and would you put them on a separate circiut? What about a dedicated power outlet for tools? I don't have anything that big yet, but it is probably only a matter of time.

Or should I just put in a small secondary breaker box in the garage and be done with it?

Any suggestions with he further details would be appreciated.:eek:

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