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air in hot water line

Can an electric hot water tank create air the lines ? We have a two story house built in 2001, with a well. Several months ago I noticed air coming from faucets when turned on. I had a well company check the pump ,no problems. I also replaced all toilet componets & pressuer tank. It's more noticable on the hot water line. The hot water tank was replaced before the problem started.

Rodney H
Re: air in hot water line

It sounds like there is still some air trapped somewhere in the lines. Have you tried running every one of the hot water faucets, to see if air comes out of every one? Start at the end of the hot water line. By doing this, the air , hopefully will all move to that last faucet.

Good luck, and have a Jolly Christmas.

Re: air in hot water line

I had the same problem, i hooked a hose up to the tank and let it run for 5 minutes or so. it seemed to help.

Re: air in hot water line

This can also be caused by a faulty faucet washer. When you turn the water on at one faucet it sucks air in the faulty one.

Re: air in hot water line

Thank you for your sugestion, I have tried that. We have a garden tub that is used every morning. I would think that any air trapped, would have escaped after 9 months.

Re: air in hot water line

When you have high water pressure the water heater adds to it with expansion. Before we get into this, are you on city or well water?it makes a big difference. let me have more info before making an answer.

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