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AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

Is there a difference in an window or wall air conditioner that drips a lot of water compared to one that doesn't drip a lot of water so that we would know how to buy one that wont drip a lot. Someone said it something to do with how well the air flow is designed in the unit.

Re: AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

Dripping water is a good thing...not a bad thing. An air conditioner doesn't just cool the air...it also dehumidifies it. If it isn't dripping water, it isn't dehumidifying. An air conditioner should be properly sized for the space. too large of an air conditioner will cool a space before it has time to dehumidify it. The result is a cool environment that still feels "sticky".

Re: AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

Dear Madam/Sir,

Thank you for your recent inquiry (#1298413), sent on 8/15/07 at 3:52 pm, regarding your 2007 Frigidaire Air Conditioner, model: 14000.

If your air conditioner is leaking water inside the house, the first thing to check is that the unit is level or slightly tilted back in the window or wall. If the unit is not level, water can leak over the small trough the evaporator or cooling coil sits in, and then onto the floor. The trough, which is usually made of styrofoam, has a drain hole or tube on one side of it that allows water to drain toward the rear of the cabinet. If the tube or drain port is restricted, the water will back up and drain out of the front of the unit. A crack or hole in the trough can have the same effect.

If you suspect the drain is plugged, you may have to remove the cabinet or pull the unit from the wall mounting in order to inspect and clear the tube or drain hole. While you have the unit out, you should oil the fan motor if the motor has oil ports and clean the coils for better efficiency.

It is normal for water to be leaking out of the back of the air conditioner. The moisture being absorbed in the home through the cooling coil or evaporator is routed through the drain tube and is intentionally meant to gather in the rear of the cabinet. If you look at the fan blade that cools the condenser or the coil to the rear of the unit, you will see it has a ring that runs around the outside of the fan blade. This ring is referred to as a "slinger," and it is meant to pick up water stored in the rear of the cabinet and direct it up against the condenser coil. This allows the refrigerant in the coil to cool at a faster rate and provides better efficiency and cooling capacity, especially on really hot days.

You should not use a drill or any other device to provide a drain hole in the bottom of the cabinet unless directed to do so by the manufacturer. Many air conditioners have been ruined by a drill bit going a little too far and puncturing the condenser coil. If you see water being pushed out of the coil in the rear or leaking over the back edge, it is a sign the unit is working properly and drawing water out of the air inside your home.

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our new Frigidaire and our lg ac's drips like mad. would like to find a new air conditioner that we can buy new that won't drip so much. is there some type of brand or products that wont drip so much even if it costs a lot

Re: AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

brownstone89 .... where does the unit you have now drip ? Is it out the back ( outside ) or is it dripping from the front ( inside ) ?

Re: AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

it drips endlessly out the back

Re: AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

It's Supposed To!!!!!

Re: AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

If you live in a humid environment/locale.......it should/will likely drip endlessly..........whenever it is running. This is a sign that the machine is functioning properly. As long as there is humidity/water vapor inside the house, the machine will remove that humdity in the form of water droplets whenever it's running.

Is the dripping water causing damage to something below?

A. Spruce
Re: AIR CONDITIONER dripping too much

As long as the water is dripping outside, out of harms way, it's doing it's job, if it's dripping inside the house or running down the exterior wall, then it's most likely not installed properly.

If it's operating properly, but dripping on a patio or deck, there's little you can do about that, short of trying to run a condensate line.

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