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Re: Advise on a Tool Bag

my truck is well organized, on my exterior doors i have a plumbing door, electrical, power tools, etc. the reason a tool bag is so important to me is that i have to sometimes bring a few things with me in my pickup, occasionally, and having the most used tools in one organized bag is very helpful. i do get aggravated when one of my guys grabs something out of my bag and when he's done he just throws it back in instead of in the pocket it belongs. then i can never find it. i had the husky 18" bag with the metal handle funning the length but the pockets did;t last a year. i just recently got the husky 18" bag with a zipper top. so far so good but time will tell, i've only had it for less than a month so far.

Re: Advise on a Tool Bag

we have vans and trucks at work.. both vans are loaded with tools but one guy is usually sent on material runs.. this means he has to empty a good portion of the tools out at the shop first.. our other van just gets the tools buried with material though its hardly sent for material, i make the run with my truck.. i have a extended cab which all of my everyday gear fits in with no problem, it just gets hectic when im bouncing back and forth between interior trim and framing where im carrying extra gear.. i cant leave my trim gear on site as if im pulling off that site it will be in the way of the painters or flooring guys

Re: Advise on a Tool Bag

We use an enclosed tool trailer towed by a full sized pickup with an 8 foot bed that never has to be made. For larger loads and demo materials there is always the 16' short sided dual axle trailer.

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Re: Advise on a Tool Bag

I should add that I had a shell and rack on my truck. I never experience any loss due to theft, even though someone did wrench open the side window handles for a peek once.

Re: Advise on a Tool Bag

Late getting in here-sorry! As a 'general' type, I keep power tools in their cases with the most needed accessories packed in with them. One bag carries all my plumbing-specific tools, one box does the same for electrical. I have my drill bits in several cases sorted by type. I keep a bucket on hand to carry the miscellaneous stuff but it is secondary.

My tool pouch has (and needs) padded suspenders so the tools I need today are always right at hand since I'm wearing them! Electricians pouch for the smaller slender items and regular 3 and 5 pocket pouches for the rest. I'd hate to weigh the darn thing, some days I think it's 25-30 pounds but it saves huge amounts of time. It also frees both hands to carry the bigger tools. I once worked with a guy who was my equal in work speed but I got at least 1/4 more done each day because he was always going for his tool bag when my tool was already un hand and at work. Guess which of us two kept his job when the ROF's happened?

I like vans for work for several reasons. Always weatherproof in the hardest rain, one key unlocks everything, tools are always hidden from view so a thieves 'radar' doesn't home in on me, and racks built as I want them for storage on both sides. I can close the doors on 12' materials and carry 4' wide sheet goods in the dry. Stepladders and my portable miter saw stand go up the middle when I don't need that space. I never have to move anything to get to anything else the way I have it. I outfit a small crew with what I always carry and have 2 of most everything in there. A curtain across the back keeps most of the dust back there and makes the heater more effective- keeps the tools hidden too. The only things a pickup can do that I can't is carry a loose or tall load- and I almost never need that. Sure, a van has less resale but it also costs a lot less new. With a pickup you will pay for the styling van's don't have or need.

BTW to the regulars here: the bank courier work was a disaster I'm still paying for. I lucked out (I hope) and found my almost perfect business partner and am giving it a try once again. We're on our first big job and it's going swell so maybe now I'll find the level of success that has so far eluded me. What I don't do well he does and vice-versa. Great to be back among the craftsmen!


Re: Advise on a Tool Bag

welcome back phil


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