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advice needed on waterproofing my shed

Hi all, my names Dave and Ive only just registered so first post from me because I'm in desperate need of some advice...

I've recently enclosed a single carport to use as a work shed but the problem I'm having is where the corrugated iron sheets meet the existing concrete pad. We are in the middle of the rainy season now in western australia and whenever it rains water runs into my shed because there was a slight gap between the concrete pad and the bottom of the tin. Ive tried sealing it up with a generous amount of roof and gutter sealant inside and out but it just seeps straight through and soaks my floor! Do any of you more knowledgeable people know how I can fix this? I was considering using a tar of some sort instead of the roof and gutter sealant but Ive never used it before and really don't know if it would be any better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :confused:


Re: advice needed on waterproofing my shed

If you have water pooling on one side of a wall, it will find it's way to the other.

You need to keep the water off the pad entirely, your corrugated material should have come down past the edge of the pad (but not all the way to the ground) so the water doesn't get to the pad.

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Re: advice needed on waterproofing my shed

you can run a french drain along that side of the building to carry the water away. add about 6" of crushed stone along the top of it so the water will go straight through it.

Re: advice needed on waterproofing my shed

If I have this assessed right, you have corrugated siding and the leakage is at the bottom. If that is the situation, loosen or pull the siding away, then install a "L" shaped flashing against the framing members fastening it to the concrete slab. You'll need to seal under that. If possible, have the horizontal lip of the "L" extending over the edge of the slab with a small turn-down so that water hitting the top of the flashing cannot re-enter underneath but will have to go past the edge then off the slab. Don't forget to seal between pieces of flashing where they meet.


Re: advice needed on waterproofing my shed

Thanks for the quick replies. Unfortunately I wasn't able to run the corrugated iron past the pad in this case because the pad is tied in to the paths as one big slab.

I googled 'french drain' and understand what you mean now and I think you are probably right, it would be a simple but effective solution (once I cut through the slab) to a lot of my drainage problems around the yard. I have a convenient area to drop in a soak well to run it to as well so it makes sense.

Cheers for the advice

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