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Blue Moon
Adjustable Kraftmade hinges

Hi all--neighbor went out of town, so his wife asks me to adjust the cabinet hinges on one of their Kraftmade--the door is all catty-wampus, and it's one of the heavy ones with storage behind it (attached to the door). I can't figure out which one is supposed to go up--three screws total--and then when you're messing with it, the whole (#^&@%*& door pops off and lands on your (#^@&*^ foot. HELP.


Re: Adjustable Kraftmade hinges
A. Spruce
Re: Adjustable Kraftmade hinges

If they are the Ero style hinges they may be Blum hinges and this might help a little

Or this


The problem is that KrapMade hinges aren't true euro hinges, they're cheap knock-offs that don't have the adjuster screws that a Blum or similar name hinge does. Most of the KM hinges I've seen rely on loosening the screw slightly to move the hinge base vertically or horizontally. If you're lucky you've got a set screw to adjust the "in/out" of the door.

What I'm hoping has happened in Moons case is that the hinges were poorly adjusted by the neighbor, causing them to bind and pop apart, not that I've seen KM hinges come in two pieces like Blum's do.

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