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Additional water meter

Hello. I have two houses in the same property. I have only one water meter and I want to install a second one because I want to know how much each house is using. I talked to DWP and they said the meter only is about $ 3,000.oo plus additional piping.Have you had the experience to install a second meter? Do you think a miniature meter placed between the two houses will tell me how much each house is using? Have you seen these mini meters on the internet? If I can find a mini meter, I can install it myself in the house in the back. Then I subtract the reading on the mini from the main meter.I
then can tell how much water each house is using.The reason I am doing this is not for fun. It is because the water is a lot of money and the tenants on each house blame each other for using too much water.

Re: Additional water meter

If you install a water meter between the houses you could subtract the reading on the second meter from the first to separate the water usage. If you have an irrigation system installed you may want to install a meter at both houses and then you could see how much water is being used by each house and the irrigation system too.
Was the $3,000.00 quoted by DWP for a new connection fee to connect an additional meter to the city main line? That is a lot of money just to purchase a meter, you should be able to find 5/8" or 3/4" water meters for under $200.00.

Re: Additional water meter
Re: Additional water meter

Thanks. The quote I had from DWP $ 3,000.00 is the installation of one inch meter It is a lot of money.
Thanks for the web-site address about the meters.I think I am going to save a lot of money.

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